M2tM London announce guest headliners for the grand final

In a world full of bankers, hipsters, fanatics, politicians and keyboard warriors Courtesans are the equivalent of suicidal unicorns on smack, they are the jelly babies full of boiled bovine bones that children devour joyfully, they are the duck down you sleep on providing comfort that turns into memories of the last minute its previous owner was alive.

Courtesans (c) Watchmaker Studios

Their songs might make you feel like a diabetic on thirty doughnuts blended with the bittersweet feelings of a prisoner on death row having his favourite last meal.

Courtesans consist of bipolar unicorn, anxious unicorn, schizophrenic unicorn and major depressive unicorn. Their music is the pop lying on the train tracks.

After conquering the hard metal hearts of the SOPHIE stage audience at Bloodstock Open Air 2018 last August, then touring with the controversial King 810 this will be their only London show – guest (non-competing) headliners at the Metal 2 the Masses Grand Final at The Dome (Tufnell) on Saturday 7th July.

Courtesans will round off the #m2tmlondon initiative for this year where six underground metal bands would have fought for six months (over 21 shows) to arrive at this point. One of them will win the chance to play on the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock Festival this summer.

Tickets are on sale now at £10.00 advance (either link includes entry to the whole event – doors at 5pm, headline 9.30) and the Aftershow Party at The Big Red until 3am.

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