Beermageddon 2018 updates

Beermageddon goes from strength to strength and they’ve recently unveiled some great additions to the line-up making 2018’s festival their strongest ever. And we’re not making that up. It is. Fact. Want proof? Here’s the words from Jim himself…

Beermageddon are proud to unveil our very first Transatlantic booking, hailing from North Carolina in the United States of America and supplying melodic blackened metal we welcome Greves.

No strangers to the UK we caught Greves live at the tail end of 2017 and knew they would be a perfect addition to the Beermageddon lineup, a huge sound that will cement them as favourites at the festival.

Beermageddon has always brought some of the best metal acts from across the UK and Europe, and now our name has spread to America and trust us when we tell you Greves will be the heaviest of metal ambassadors!!


After an outstanding performance in 2017 we wanted more from Isarnos! They endeared themselves to the festival crowd with their blend of thrash, melodic death and atmospheric black metal riffs with traditional instrumentation and esoteric melodies, so Beermageddon welcomes them back.

Once again we will have the heavy guitars, drums and vocals with the calming sounds of traditional instruments and esoteric melodies that encompassed the audience in 2017, without doubt a band who made Beermageddon their home, and a welcome return.

Isarnos feature both clean & harsh vocals, two guitars, bass and drums alongside flutes, bagpipes, a hurdy gurdy and an award-winning violinist – creating a sound unlike any other UK band, you can experience them live once again at Beermageddon this August Bank Holiday!!


Extreme blackened metal from the birthplace of metal, Beermageddon welcomes the best from the heart of England, the Birmingham underground Trivax.

Providing extreme metal with a chaotic blackened edge their live shows have garnered acclaim across the UK and beyond, with a visual and aural experience to satisfy the most hardened metal head.

Rule breakers and metal makers, there will be no respite and necks will be snapped when Trivax take the stage at Beermageddon 2018!!

A band that appeared at the very first Beermageddon back in 2012, and after a number of years on hiatus we welcome a triumphant return for Twilight’s Embrace.

Darkness will descend once more over Bromsgrove as Twilight’s Embrace will bring us their blend of doom, and melodic death metal.

2018 saw the release of a brand new EP Penance, an undisputed masterpiece of metal, and we knew they had to return to the festival and come to the new hallowed home of Beermageddon for the Geddon legions.

Once again The skies will darken as we welcome the majestic doom laden riffs of Nottinghams finest, Twilight’s Embrace at Beermageddon 2018!!

Beermageddon runs from the 24th to the 26th of August 2018 at Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove.

Early bird tickets are available now for the modest price of £35 with free camping and free parking. For all things Beermageddon visit their site here and start plugging these bands for next August!

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