Hundred Year Old Man announce live dates

From the ashes of The Final Sigh, Joseph, DSDNT, A-Sun Amissa, and Curses comes atmospheric post-metal band Hundred Year Old Man. Taking elements of ambient, drone, Botch’s school of hardcore, and welding them to the post-metal templates laid down by Cult of Luna and Neurosis, what comes out the other side is a sound that’s both blisteringly heavy, but delicate and cerebral.

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The band’s debut single, “Black Fire”, has racked up over 9000 views on Facebook. They are busy working on their debut album, preceded by a new 10” EP both of which are looking for the right home.

With a ferocious live show that’s already seen them play the official Damnation Festival warm-up and Somatic Festival, as well as play alongside such bands as Moloken, Primitive Man, Conjurer, Employed to Serve, Sea Bastard, Wren, Deafheaven, Canvas OHHMS and Pijn, the band are becoming a must-see live experience.

Now’s your chance to experience this live show as the band have announced four dates at the end of July alongside Sheffield sludgers Archelon. Dates are below and tickets are on sale right now.

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Hundred Year Old Man: facebook | twitter | bandcamp | youtube

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