Slam Dunk 2017 preview

With two sold out dates and the Birmingham NEC show very close to sell out you’re rapidly running out of time to be enthralled by one of the best line ups in the UK festival calendar. Unless you live locally, you may have to travel some distance to get to Brum but I can whole heartedly promise you it will be worth it. Going by information on the official Slam Dunk website, Lunatickets is the only outlet where you can purchase tickets for the NEC show, get them while you still can!

If you’re wondering about costs then for just £44 a ticket you have eight stages to chose from, each of which has eight bands minimum in their respective line ups. A few months back there was a rather fiery debate on the Pit Troll Facebook page regarding the price of a ticket to one of the upcoming Metallica UK dates. For less than half that price you’re getting more than double the amount of bands I would anticipate Metallica will have as support. What’s not to like?

There are two other plus points about Slam Dunk – the first being that they allow ‘pass outs’ on all three festival sites, what this means is that once you have collected your wristband you are free to come and go from the festival sites as you please. There will also be an official after party (18+ only) post gig at each location. Please check the festival website for info regarding after party venues.

The diverese line up caters to fans of punk, rock and metal. Yours truly will be spending a lot of time at the Jagermeister stage moshing to the brilliance of Beartooth and Bury Tomorrow but not before I cause an untold amount of carnage with Japanese Xeno warriors, Crossfaith. I cordially  invite you to come join this madness.

The Impericon stage is also on my hit list with the aim of being in amongst the riot that will be Stray From The Path plus Griffin Dickinson (son of Maiden’s Bruce) fronted Shvpes who I last saw supporting Trivium. They are well worth a watch. Several of my friends have also recommended Boston based Ice Nine Kills who have an early stage time that will hopefully work in my favour.

If it’s joviality rather than full on mosh madness you seek then look no further than the Fireball stage. More than a handful of my gig buddies and even my own little brother stated they would probably spend the whole day there when they saw the line up, which includes Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish and the hilarious Goldfinger who are guaranteed to have you crying with laughter at their on stage antics.

I’ve cherry picked some artists who I personally think will be appealing but there is so much more on offer and all for a very reasonable price. To check out the full line up and see what’s most appealing to you, click on the poster or head to the festival website.

To conclude, I want to touch on a matter that will be very close to people’s hearts. The absolute horror of what happened at the M.E.N in Manchester on Monday has shocked people to their very cores because gigs are meant to be a place of happiness where we go to get a temporary escape from whatever is grinding us down. From what I have seen on social media some people are now scared of attending whatever gigs they have coming up.

Let’s not let the bad guys win. If you don’t attend because you’re scared of a potential attack then they have won by making you adjust your plans. They seek to create fear and I now seek to create reassurance that everybody involved with Slam Dunk will be working at one hundred and ten percent to make sure you are not only safe, but having the most enjoyable day ever. Slam Dunk will be somewhere you can immerse yourself in music and escape from the disdane that a small minority of evil doers want to make the norm.

Let’s send them a huge middle finger and show them how united we are!

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