Metal 2 the Masses Coventry announces guest headliners

Metal 2 the Masses Coventry has just popped up an announcement detailing some special guests for the upcoming semi-finals.

The first semi final special guest, to play on March 19th, performed on the New Blood Stage in 2010 then made a triumphant return on to the Sophie Stage in 2014.

Extreme metal outfit Aghast offer an unruly combination of genres, cleverly melding the blasting fury of death metal with the sickening speed of modern day thrash and enough slam to satisfy grindcore enthusiasts. Their sound is rounded out with melodic passages and punchy grooves that tie everything together and give Aghast!

The second semi final special guest, to play on March 26th, played the New Blood Stage in 2014 to an incredible reaction from fans and media: London-based miscreants Abhorrent Decimation. Death metal takes myriad forms these days, but it’s hugely satisfying to hear a band that have mastered the genre’s spirit and brought it so vividly and violently to life.

Finally, the special guest for semi final three, playing on April 2nd are also no strangers to the Bloodstock Stage. First performing on the New Blood Stage in 2012 they returned to a packed out Sophie Stage in 2014.

Thrashers Incinery will hit you with a fast, aggressive and uncompromising feast of neck-snapping riffs and face-shredding solos. The all-out riff massacre is accompanied by a bombardment of drudging bass, visceral drums and a devastating attack of low rasping vocals barked out in a machine gun like tirade of aggression.

All the events will take place at The Arches Venue, Coventry.

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