Hull’s Hair Metal Heaven announced first bands

Hull isn’t a city which often finds itself on the tour lists of many bands – most seem to head for Leeds or Nottingham if they’re anywhere remotely near. However, expect to see a bunch of acts hitting the place in August.

Someone’s pushed the right buttons with the committee in charge of Hull’s City of Culture bid and two venues will pay host to a bevy of bands, the first slew of which has just been announced. And you know what? It ain’t a bad list, either.

Princess Pang‘s original lineup has reformed just for the occasion. Smashed Gladys will play their only UK show of 2017. Canada will be shipping over the excellent Diemonds who we’ve covered before, while D-A-D will visit from Denmark alongside next-door neighbours Treat from Sweden.

LA is pretty much recognised as the home of hair metal and Leatherwolf will be arriving from there. The final band announced (for now) is Spread Eagle from the opposite coast of the US, in New York.

The venues listed are O’Riley’s on August 25th and Hull City Hall on the 26th and 27th. There will also be a Hair Metal Heaven Hall of Fame, VIP Market and VIP after-show lounge.

VIP tickets go on sale on January 4th and further details are available on the facebook event page.

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