Buckfest – charity all-dayer announced in Manchester

Another chance to raise some money for charity. In exchange for a tenner, you prove your courage by sitting through some awful bands (like Chainsaw Penis who revel in their own dreadfulness, and Footprints In The Custard who somehow think they look good in tutus and mankinis). It’s a bit like doing a sponsored skydive, only louder. And with more penis jokes.

Also included in the laugh-a-minute-if-you’re-odd-in-the-head lineup are Oaf, Jollyboat, Scumface, Godhand and A Clockwork Opera. Headliners are still to be announced if they can find anyone warped enough to top the bill.

Tickets are available from the event’s bigcartel page with further details on the facebook event page, and it takes place at Rebellion in Manchester on March 12th. Doors open at 2pm, and the “bands” (if you can call them that) will start assaulting your eardrums, as well as common decency, from 2:30.

A raffle will also be taking place with prizes including cinema tickets, Star Wars art, CDs and – for the top winners – earplugs*.

All funds raised will go towards paying for immunotherapy for a member of our scene, as this treatment is not funded by the NHS.

*I may have made up the bit about earplugs.

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