Blastfest cancel Peste Noire appearance, Horna step down in support

Blastfest 2017Norway’s Blastfest has been forced to cancel the appearance of controversial French Nationalist band Peste Noire after threats from French “antifa” organisations. Blastfest held out for as long as they were able, but were eventually backed into a corner – cancel one act or cancel the entire festival as partners / sponsors would walk away due to being targeted themselves by protesters.

Blastfest’s statement reads:

As much as we love the brilliant music of Peste Noire, and how much we have stated that we are a musical platform, and no politics are involved in our concept, the amount of political focus created due to this booking, is badly affecting our existence. Our partners have been pushed very hard, and we now reached the point where we had to decide to stand by our choice, and ultimately cancel the whole festival, or cancel Peste Noire. So, we will keep going, creating a great metalfest for all metalheads, unfortunately without Peste Noire.

Finnish band Horna, friends with Peste Noire, announced shortly afterwards that they would not be appearing at the festival either. Their statement, issued on facebook, is as follows:

After reading today’s PN cancellation news Horna decided we won’t be part of Blastfest either – simply because Famine & Peste Noire are good friends of ours, having stayed in our homes and shared many great times together. It is also time more bands should do something about the fascist “antifa” bullying instead of looking the other way.

PS. Before anyone assumes any political bullshit – we do not bow left nor right! We bow only before the Lord…

This after Napalm Death ruled themselves out of the festival in protest at Peste Noire’s addition to the bill.

Blastfest takes place right in the heart of winter on 22nd – 25th February 2017.

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