Wildfire Reveal HorrorFly stage

Wildfire HorrorFly posterWildfire, Scotland’s most hard rocking weekend, just got a whole lot heavier with the announcement of the HorrorFly stage.

The HorrorFly stage will be open on the Saturday and Sunday, and will play host to a rogue’s gallery of some of the best burgeoning talents in the Scottish heavy metal scene.

Confirmed to appear are:

Acid Trial, Blood Thread, Burning The Dream, Circle Of Tyrants, Co-Exist, Corrupt the System, Dog Tired, God Damn Brewery, Internal Conflict, Kingpin, Let’s Play God, Lifer, Lucifer’s Corpus, Of One Blood, Pelugion, Sworn Amongst, Triverse Massacre, and Warhead.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, HorrorFly exploded onto the scene earlier this year with the express purpose of supporting new heavy music artists. Their first Infestation showcase was one of our favourite gigs of the year, and the next one, featuring Lifer, King Witch, Burning The Dream, and Let’s Play God, is set to be just as awesome.

For those wanting to check out all of the moshin’ mayhem, HorrorFly are offering strictly limited weekend Wildfire tickets for the special price of £40, available here.

Wildfire takes place 24th – 26th June at Wiston Lodge, Biggar, South Lanarkshire.

Wildfire: Official | Facebook

HorrorFly: Facebook


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