Heck join this Friday’s Ginger Wildheart Show

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Click for full poster

A last minute confirmation – Heck have been added to the bill for the Ginger Wildheart Show at London’s O2 Forum. Along with the headliners and the newly-announced Heck, the bill for this (planned annual) event also contains Dirt Box Disco, Scaramanga Six and Tropica.

You may know Heck better as Baby Godzilla, a name they were forced to change as a Japanese film company thought that the band might be confused with one of their cinematic outings. Or something.

As Ginger explains:

The Ginger Wildheart Show is something that we intend to carry on in the future. I love the idea of replicating the old cabaret evenings with five different bands. The maiden voyage of this show, April 1st, will feature my current favourite bands on the circuit today.

Tickets are available from TicketBastard and hopefully other places that don’t treat fans like crap.

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