Bloodstock 2016 – three big announcements

Bloodstock 2016 logoJust a quickie – Paradise Lost, Rotting Christ and DragonForce will all be making an appearance at next year’s event!

Bloodstock will be DragonForce’s only UK appearance of 2016. Herman Li has this to say:

It’s been over 10 years since DragonForce played Bloodstock, and both of us have come a long way in that time.  Back then, we were a new band with only our debut album out, and Bloodstock was a smaller indoor festival, but still a magnet for true, die-hard rock & metal fans, just as it is today. We had some of our best times that year at Bloodstock and felt great excitement at being invited to play.  That excitement is just as real today having been invited back again, only this time it’s even better because I won’t need to pack the gear and drive up there in my car with Sam Totman as my map reader!!

Greg Mackintosh weighs in on Paradise Lost’s inclusion:

It is great to be confirmed to play Bloodstock 2016! We haven’t played there since 2012 and we had a blast. It will also be our first UK festival appearance since the release of our new album, ‘The Plague Within’.  We look forward to seeing you all there and adding the doom and gloom to Bloodstock 2016.

And, finally, Sakis from Rotting Christ confirms his band’s only UK appearance of 2016 as well:

We’re very proud to be coming back to the biggest metal festival in the United Kingdom!  Bloodstock, let’s create hell on earth next year!  Until then…keep the spirit alive!

Early bird weekend tickets available now!

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