Altered Sky doing end-of-term school tour!

Click for bigness
Click for bigness

This is a brilliant idea, moreso as it’s a decent band and not some pop crud…

AlteredSky have announced a run of end of term school shows as a warm up to their UK tour! Each performance will end with a Q&A from the band and students. The tour is being sponsored by music & pop culture retailers Thisispulp and around 3000 pupils will be attending the shows in total!


  • 10th June – Perth Academy
  • 12th June – Govan High
  • 15th June – Lourdes Secondary
  • 16th June – St. Mungo’s Academy
  • 18th June – Lochend Community High
  • 19th June – Hillpark Secondary
  • 23rd June – St. Paul’s High
  • 23rd June – All Saints Secondary
  • 24th June – Eastbank Academy
  • 30th June – Manchester Health Academy
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