Blastfest 2016 (is this the first 2016 festival announcement?)

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Blastfest 2016 will be celebrating its national metal scene and will boast a lineup that will be 100% Norwegian. Has that even been done before?

It’s hard to imagine how when the first ever Blastfest took place in Bergen in 2014 organisers were going to beat the lineup that had been assembled. But, 2015 smashed its predecessor out of the park with bands such as Watain, Satyricon, At The Gates, Primordial, Decapitated, Melechesh, Craft, Demilich and more taking to the stage in what will undoubtedly go down as a major highlight in this year’s festival calendar.

Just hours after the final note rang out across the venue at Blastfest 2015 organisers were brainstorming ideas for the third edition of the festival and here we are, a brand new concept – A One Time Only Celebration Of The Norwegian Metal Scene!

The first round of bands has also been announced including Green Carnation, Ihsahn, Ancient and the very first headliner, Gorgoroth.

Add to that Red Harvest, In The Woods, Funeral, Khold, Blood Tsunami, Virus, Manes, Tristania… and more to be announced as the weeks go on.

Tickets are already on sale, and if you want hotel accommodation then use the code “BLASTFEST” when booking at the Augustin for a discount.

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