Band of the Day: Die So Fluid

Die So Fluid - The Opposites Of LightDie So Fluid have been together as a band since 2001 and released a decent catalogue of material in that time. Their recording schedules and methods have been unconventional, to say the least, but have allowed the band to experiment and develop even over the course of a single album.

A case in point was their second album, recorded a track at a time over almost three years. Each track was funded by the sales from their debut album, so when they had enough to records one song, into the studio they went.  As such, the end result – Not Everybody Gets A Happy Ending – was very much a collection of songs with a wide variety of styles than a more traditional album would be.

From what I can gather, things have stabilised somewhat in the run-up to their third album’s release. The Opposites Of Light, due out on May 5th, is being promoted by way of a UK tour which is currently underway. In fact, by the time this post is published, you’ll have just missed them in Glasgow (last night) and Liverpool (night before). Upcoming dates are below.

The three-piece managed almost 300 gigs between 2003 and 2006 to drum up sales of their first album, so they’re no strangers to hard work in the name of music.

Enjoy the track below, and check the links for other material. If you like them, pre-order the new album via their bandcamp page and you’ll get two tracks for immediate download.

Tour dates:

  • Apr 27 2014 MANCHESTER Roadhouse
  • Apr 28 2014 BIRMINGHAM Rainbow
  • Apr 30 2014 YORK Duchess
  • May 1 2014 SOUTHAMPTON Talking Heads
  • May 2 2014 LONDON Surya
  • May 3 2014 BOURNEMOUTH Soundcircus
  • Aug 15-17 2014 Alt-Fest MMXIV

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July 26, 2016 10:22 PM

[…] and their families at the loss of drummer Al Fletcher who passed away yesterday. Die So Fluid featured as Band of the Day back in 2014 and one thing we highlighted was their work ethic, ploughing through 300 gigs in a […]