Hammerfest completes its bill

Hammerfest poster
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With another seventeen bands added, Hammerfest VI (Book of the Dead) now has its full lineup available. Those with tickets should be in for a good couple of days! There may just be a ticket or three left… The poster itself does say to call in case of “cancellations and fkn miracles”!

The bands added are as follows:

  • Avatar
  • Feed The Rhino
  • Savage Messiah
  • Attica Rage
  • Honour is Dead
  • Sworn Amongst
  • Cyclamen
  • The Vintage Caravan
  • SKAM
  • Throne
  • Desert Storm
  • One For Sorrow
  • Druganaut
  • Toranaga
  • Death Valley Knights
  • Primitai
  • Imicus

Full details over at the Hammerfest web site.

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