Les-Fest 2014 – first big announcement

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Well, the first big announcement was that it would be on. That’s cool in its own right. It’ll be bigger than the last two years, still bloody cheap and remarkably convenient for people around Glasgow in particular.

I heard nothing but positive feedback about it from fans and bands this year so I’m sure 2014 will be awesome.

The news from the organisers themselves to save me some typing…

Les-Fest, are really proud to give you our second announcement for the third annual event in 2014.

Okay too much to say and too many great bands, so let’s keep it short and sweet. Our first act is LA progressive punk rockers Black Belt KARATE, very much a part of the LA rock elite and for us a major coup.

They are joined by Northern Irish Metallers, Stormzone, their songs contain everything a listener wants, huge choruses, interesting arrangements, big guitars, bass and drums.
Also from Northern Ireland, The Screaming Eagles recent and deserved winners of the Highway to Hell competition held in Glasgow. Then we have Welsh hard rockers Defy All Reason and also from Wales, Fireroadanother great rock act.

Back to the metal with Reign of Fury a real old school metal band from arguably the home of British metal, the Midlands. Then we haveSkreamer a band that we saw and were mightily impressed by at Bloodstock. London based, metal through and through and rising fast.

Moving closer to home we have Mothers Ruin a relatively new band but with well and long established quality musicians. This is the project of Gary Moat, drummer of erstwhile Glasgow rock legends Heavy Pettin’ another great live act.

We were going to announce 10 bands this weekend, but with the sad demise of Sacred Mother Tongue, we better make it 11 to bring the total up to a nice round 20 bands. Next up is Voodoo Vegas, an unsigned band worth checking out! Voodoo Vegas come from Bournemouth and their self-released live album suggests they’ve the ability to take their Guns N’ Roses and AC/DC influences into their own territory.

The final 2 bands to be announced are Grifter, a dirty heavy rock band with a penchant for the odd Sabbath cover and another band that played a blinder at Bloodstock, and finally we have Nightmare World – a Melodic Power Metal outfit from the UK with the sole intention of writing powerful, dynamic heavy metal with a strong emphasis on melody and vocal harmony, but with great guitar and keyboard histrionics.

We have also lined up some stunning headline and main support acts but due to current touring commitments and contractual obligations we cannot announce those artists at this point in time. But watch this space.

Les-Fest 3 will take place place at Valley International Park, Crossford in Lanarkshire on 27-29 June 2014.

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