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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Screw You, Alter Bridge [update / apology]

Alter Bridge

Alter Bridge – UK = England + Wales, apparently (Photo credit: Iain Purdie)

[For some reason, shortly after the initial announcement, a date at Glasgow’s Hydro was released. October 21st, tickets £26 and on sale on April 5th. I can only assume it’s because the ticket distributor is different or something (though GigsInScotland is owned by TicketBastard) that they couldn’t include it on the initial statement. I only found out about it by chance on Twitter. Poor.]

Yet another band announcing a “UK” tour which only covers part of the (current) Union. Alter Bridge will be touring in October with guests Halestorm and Shinedown – a cracking lineup.

But unless you live in England or the little bit stuck on the west of it called Wales, you’re buggered. Hell, they’ve not even bothered with a Newcastle date this time, so Geordies are looking at a couple of hours drive to Nottingham or Manchester if they want to see the band.

Tickets are a bargain at £25 (£26.50 for London) plus TicketBastard’s exorbitant “if we could ask for £25 postage, £17 booking and to shag your granny up the arse per ticket we would do” fees. Factor in a six hour return trip, a full tank of fuel and possibly the necessity of taking time off work to get there and… nah, fuck it.

Alter Bridge were blown of stage by Black Stone Cherry and Theory of a Deadman the last time I saw them (in Glasgow, 2011) and given the support this time I expect the same again. So I’m more looking at it as missing seeing Halestorm and Shinedown than anything else. And £25 saved.

The dates, for those in foreign climes, are:


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