Ereb Altor release new single

For the summer soltice on the 21st of June, Ereb Altor released their new single “Midvinter”. Earlier this month, the band shared more about their upcoming projects:

As many of you have noticed we have entered Studio Apocalypse to record some music.
We ended up with 10 songs and a new album will eventually be released.
We have put together 7 songs that we felt would make the best and strongest Ereb Altor album ever.

“Midvinter” is the first out of three songs to be released digitally. That’s all the details we have for now but the song is good, with a touching aura, and the promo picture unveils a promising atmosphere. I am looking forwards to hear more about them and to discover them properly next week-end at Hellfest!

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All pictures by Christine Linde.

Ereb Altor: official | facebook | spotify | bandcamp | youtube

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July 8, 2024 5:05 PM

[…] I didn’t know it. What would have made the set perfect was playing their last single “Midvinter” but I guess we just have to wait a little […]