Slash Suggests GNR are Working on a New Album: But will it ever Arrive?

Rock legend Slash has told journalists that Guns N’ Roses are ‘trying’ to make a new album, however fans can be forgiven for taking a fairly sceptical and cynical stance to this latest news.

Various members of GNR have dangled a carrot in front of fans on various occasions including back in 2014 when guitarist Richard Fortus spoke to reporters at Revolver Golden Gods Awards and told them that the band were ‘working on stuff’ and confirmed that it’s unlikely that we would have to wait another 14 years for their next album. The clock is ticking on that promise and although the band finally released the single ‘Absurd’ back in 2021, the clamour for a new collection of songs continues to intensify.

The band have had their fair share of disagreements and personal issues over the last couple of decades, although the return of Slash (who didn’t feature on their last album) and bassist Duff McKagan ahead of the ‘Not in this Lifetime’ tour (2016-2019) did suggest that there was finally an element of harmony within the camp.

Absurd received a mixed reception amongst reviews and fans, although the follow-up single Hard Skool appeared to be a much-needed return to form. Described by GNR aficionados as ‘catchy’, ‘upbeat’ and ‘energetic’, this song was originally recorded during the sessions for 2008 album ‘Chinese Democracy’ under the working title ‘Jackie Chan’ and its release appeared to be a step in the right direction following a much-publicised tumultuous period.

In 2023, the band released the single ‘Perhaps’, although this song failed to hit the spot. Many fans complained about the lack of mastering, with many elements of the release competing against one another. As a result, fans are desperate to hear what GNR have up their sleeves and this latest news will undoubtedly whet the appetite for any upcoming releases.

On the flip side, the ever-changing music industry is no longer reliant upon album releases with streaming services such as Spotify allowing users to simply cherry pick their favourite songs from an artists’ back catalogue. Nevertheless, music collectors and completists still prefer to purchase the physical product and there is still some demand for bands to release full albums.

Guns N’ Roses’ reputation as a premiere live act potentially negates the need for them to create the perfect album, whereas their extensive catalogue of hits still enjoy regular outings on alternative radio stations around the world. Being one of the biggest rock bands on the planet comes with its own pressures and although they could easily rest on their laurels, the band still clearly wish to add to their impressive discography.

New fans are still discovering GNR in 2024, and their merchandise sales are still impressively consistent. They have a unique range of products which includes branded baby bibs, wall clocks and Axl Rose bath bombs. Back in 2016, fans flocked to a new exhibit in Cleveland which was launched by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and was designed to celebrate the band’s legacy. Here, fans were able to take a closer look at a number of Slash’s iconic belongings including his high-top sneakers and his beloved Pinball machine.

GNR super-fans were also able to get their hands on the limited edition ‘Not in this Lifetime’ pinball machines which were subsequently released in 2020. Co-designed by Slash, these machines featured a 21-song soundtrack and came in three different designs. It isn’t the bands’ first dalliance into the gaming world with a number of online casino sites also hosting the Guns N’ Roses-themed video slot, which was designed by NetEnt. This game featured some of their most notable hits including ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ and ‘November Rain’. Their songs have also featured prominently in popular video games such as Burnout Paradise and Guitar Hero III.

The last album which featured Slash was 1993’s ‘The Spaghetti Incident?’ and although he has worked on a number of solo and side-projects since, he finally appears committed to the band’s latest venture.

Despite all of this, fans are still strongly advised to take this news with a large pinch of salt as we’ve been here before. In both the recorded and live arena, this band seemingly gets a kick out of keeping their fans on tenterhooks, and we probably shouldn’t get too excited…just yet.

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