Massive Wagons announce Welcome to the World re-issue and one-off show

Lancaster ruffians Massive Wagons are thrilled to announce the reissue of their classic third album Welcome to the World, set to delight fans everywhere. Originally released in April 2016, the album is currently out of print on CD and the band have been vocal over the years about tweaks they’d love to make – and now they have!

Frontman Barry “Baz” Mills elaborates:

This is a special album for us. It really signified a change in fortune for us; we had found a studio we loved recording in, with great producers in Matt and Adam, we had found a form writing songs, and it was the album that brought us the most attention we’d had ’til that point. It feels like an album a lot of Wagons fans have held onto – kind of a hardcore fan album, if you like, and we play a lot of the songs from it in the live set still.

Guitarist Adam Thistlethwaite interjects:

We wrote this album fast, back in the non-stop club show days of 2015! In my opinion that is what gave the songs that energy, plus we were becoming quite impatient and frustrated with all the crap that was being thrown at us at the time, that also lent some additional fire to proceedings… Welcome to the World found our “sound”. If we have one, it started there and then.

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Baz continues:

We wanted to re-release it with a purpose, and absolutely did not want to just ‘re-master’ it – we wanted to pay it the proper attention it was due. The album was originally recorded from start to finish in about 12 days due to work and money constraints. At the time, we were happy with the finished product, but over the years we have always said we wished we could have spent more time on certain songs. That’s why we re-visited Matt Elliss at Axis Studios, to look at everything we recorded at the time and just spend time listening to all the takes, parts, and sessions we put down to see what really was best for the songs. It was a lot of fun and I truly believe these songs are now much more where we wanted them to be back in 2016. I’m so proud of this album, and I cant wait to hear what you think of the re-worked, re-mixed songs!

The new version will be released on January 19th, 2024, and features re-imagined artwork and five bonus tracks, in addition to its reworked original songs. See the full track list below.

Welcome To The World is available to pre-order now on limited red splatter vinyl, black vinyl with a signed insert, and CD, and will also be available digitally. Fans can also nab a special edition t-shirt and zip hoodie. The album can be pre-ordered from their website.

Welcome To The World Track List:

  1. Nails
  2. Tokyo
  3. Welcome To The World
  4. Ratio
  5. Shit Sweat Death
  6. The Day We Fell
  7. Fighting Jack
  8. Jodie
  9. Aeroplane
  10. Fee Fi Fo Fum

Bonus Tracks:

  1. Sixteen (previously digital only)
  2. Everybody Dies (previously digital only)

Additional Bonus Tracks CD Edition Only:

  1. Aeroplane (acoustic version)
  2. Fighting Jack (alternate solo version)
  3. Mr Crowley (live cover from 2015)

In addition, Massive Wagons are delighted to reveal a very special one off show on Saturday 9th March 2024 at the grade-two listed Parr Hall in Warrington where the band will play the album in full. This historic building once showcased The Rolling Stones, just two singles into their career, sixty years ago. Be quick if you want to snap up a ticket – tickets are on sale now.

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