Ward XVI launch crowdfunder for album number three

The final chapter of Ward XVI’s Psychoberrie “Thrillogy” began being tracked on the 26th of September with their long suffering producer Mark Winterburn again behind the mixing desk at Voltalab sound studios.

The inmates of Ward XVI need your help to raise the funds to record and produce their keenly awaited third album. In order to raise funds to support the album, the Inmates will be offering a myriad of insane and exclusive rewards to tempt your wallet open such as:

  • Becoming a ‘Certified Inmate’ which will include your own unique inmate number based upon when you bought into it and customised merch with your number.
  • Hand written Lyric books
  • Listening parties
  • Being an extra in a music video………and much much more.

Don’t fancy Patreon? Buy us a one-off beverage!

The Crowdfunder goes live at 0800 on Sunday 1st October and runs throughout the month of October.

Head to the Crowdfunding page from 8am on the 1st for more details!

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