Melbourne extreme metal newcomers Larry Leadfoot release crushing new single “SWAB”

Melbourne extreme metal newcomers Larry Leadfoot release their crushing new single “SWAB”, taken from the group’s debut EP Hellxotica. “SWAB” is an unrelenting burst of high-quality groove metal that is raw and aggressive, yet melodic and engaging.

“SWAB” treats the listener to effortless transitioning between atmospheric chord progressions and black metal riffage whilst ensuring there are no disturbances within the song’s purpose. Each passage moves with hypnotic dissonance into the next thus creating a fluctuating song structure that gives an incredible amount of emotion breaking away from the typical cold-shouldered sense that is employed by extreme metal.

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Drummer Nick Parkinson on the new release:

The idea for the intro came to me while I was in the bathroom of the warehouse we all were living in in Waterloo. I remember getting the idea in my head then racing upstairs and writing it down on the whiteboard in my room. We just took it from there and it evolved over several months. Eventually it clicked for me to use a Latin beat I had learned a few years earlier and somehow we came up with the rest of the structure by mapping things out on the whiteboard and piecing it together. The pre-production was done in the warehouse but the final product was recorded in several locations over the next couple of years.

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Larry Leadfoot: facebook | instagram | spotify | bandcamp | youtube

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