Den Døde Sol (The Dead Sun) album out now from NYT LIV

After an exciting build up and three excellent singles to lead the way, Danish alternative hardcore outfit NYT LIV are celebrating the release of their fierce new album Den Døde Sol. Released through their compatriots Indisciplinarian, the quartet’s second album in a more forceful and vigorous state, expanding the framework of irate, alternative hardcore with a Danish twist.

NYT LIV’s Den Døde Sol can be downloaded or streamed at the digital service provider of your choice now. Their frontman, Michael Aagesen, details the bands’ view on their new album:

Compared to the last album, we think this album turned out tougher and more straight-to-the-point but at the same time it is also increasingly experimental. The lyrics are personal stories about lonely, weak, odd but also manipulating and cynical people. We find that the photographs used for the artwork of this record sums up the lyrical themes and feelings.

The band have put out music videos for two of the three singles released prior to Den Døde Sol‘s full release; Check out “Grå Dage” below.

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