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So much stuff coming out, we just had to cram together a few bits of news to share with you!

Athemon – free album download

Athemon, a duo featuring Tom MacLean (bassist/producer, To-Mera, ex-Haken) and Adriano Ribeiro (vocalist and guitarist) are offering up to progressive metal fans a free download of their debut self-titled album released recently on October 11th.

“Full of dark and enigmatic atmospheres, this is a concept record that is meant to be heard as one long 50-minute track divided into nine parts, which tells a story about self-awareness. This is a creative release that seeks to forge the perfect alloy of darkness and beauty,” adds the band.

The full length can be downloaded for FREE via their Bandcamp page.

New fans of Athemon, can expect much more to come from the pair as they already have plans to launch their second album by the end of 2022, which they are currently composing with promising results.

As for the live spectacle of Athemon, for now, the band will let the music flow until the duo can connect from across the Atlantic for their first in-person jam session.


Sydney-based post-black metal collective OAR have announced the release of their debut full-length album The Blood You Crave, due out on January 7th via Blighttown Records and Hammer of Exile.

The leading single and title track is now playing at Heavy Blog Is Heavy, who commented:

OAR quickly grabbed me by their own their right with their powerful and melancholic vision of doom… It blends together glacial riffs and all-consuming vocals, creating a caustic and oppressive formula that is certainly not easy to stomach. Head on down below for your first plunge.

Head over to their site to give the track a listen. It’ll be worth the click!

Recorded and mixed by Ben Worsey at Everland Studios in Sydney, the follow-up to 2018’s EP “Sect Burner” shows the band’s evolution from its early lo-fi blackgaze approach to full frequency post-black metal, unleashing the songs on “The Blood You Crave” at their true intensity. Pre-orders will be available via Blight Town Records.

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The long-running Italian progressive death metal act Sadisthas finished what will be the band’s ninth studio album and follow-up to 2018’s Spellbound, expected to be released in 2022 on Agonia Records.

In a recent interview with, SADIST mastermind Tommy Talamanca said that the new album Firescorched can be described as “Sadist 2.0”.

“For those who already listened to the preview mix of the album, the most common adjective is fresh,” explains Talamanca. “It really is the fastest Sadist album. For instance, you are going to hear blastbeats, and that has never happened before on a Sadist album.”

The album is also said to feature a very unsettling cover artwork, designed by Paolo Puppo. “We all love it, and can’t wait to show it. It’s probably the creepiest artwork we ever had.” Talamanca continues in regard to various other Firescorched aspects: “The new album isn’t a real concept album in the classical meaning of the word, despite the fact that most of the lyrics are somehow connected with a gloomy and anguished feeling which we called with a metaphor: Firescorched precisely. Some lyrics are actually real horror stories, and the whole album itself sounds really creepy. I wrote all songs, but all lyrics are by Trevor. On top of that, we’ve just finished shooting a new video and around November the director should start working on it. We are taking our time, we wish to release something really cool, and this takes time.”


After 8 years of pursuing a diverse career in the music industry, Andy Wilson-Taylor is once again at the helm of the cinematic rock band Midgar. A composer for TV and film by day, and session vocalist and songwriter by night, Wilson-Taylor has re-kindled his love with larger-than-life, symphonic rock music and recently released long-awaited new album Unity, which pushed the boundaries of Midgar’s signature sound; classical piano and strings colliding head on with epic, modern rock. Midgar are now following up the album with a new 4 track EP entitled Warrens which features a brand new single, as well as three re-imagined versions of tracks that appear on Unity.

Speaking about the lead single “Warrens”, composer and singer Andy Wilson Taylor says:

“Warrens” is a song about being in a dark and lonely place, but being comfortable there. Sometimes you don’t want to break out of a self-destructive spiral because there’s a real comfort that comes with being at rock bottom. ‘Warrens’ imagines a dark labyrinth of the mind that’s impossible to escape from. It is also connected to one of the album tracks in an ‘easter-egg’ way; that’s what inspired the song title and the concept originally as it was intended as a secret ‘hidden’ track on the limited edition cassette tape.

So much of this album and the content that came with it was produced in lockdown, but for this single finally things were easier in terms of putting a video production together. I really wanted to give this album a huge send off and do things properly for this one, so a good friend of mine who produces stuff for Hollywood jumped on board and we worked together on the video. We wanted to create something really stunning visually, so we used cinema camera rigs with beautiful lenses and a really interesting lighting setup. We went all out. It was really cool for me to give the last piece of this album cycle the production value it deserves. I think it’s the best thing Midgar has ever done.

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