Witchcryer release new single and announce new album

Austin, Texas proto-metal foursome Witchcryer present the first single taken from their concept album When Their Gods Come For You, to be released on August 20th through Ripple Music. Listen to “I Rise!” (featuring Steve Colca from Destroyer Of Light on backing vocals) exclusively via our friends at The Obelisk now!

About the song, Witchcryer comment:

It’s an uptempo stomper that tells of the resurrection of vengeful mythological Greek Titan god Menoetius. Menoetius (“doomed might” in Greek) was known as a violent, hot-headed, and prideful god. He was eventually struck down by Zeus with a bolt of lightning and banished to Tartarus. In the song, Menoetius returns from Tartarus threatening to destroy all humans and gods by harnessing the thunderous might of Zeus.

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When Their Gods Come For You is a concept album that deals with deities across various ages of civilization throughout time. The album starts with “Devil & The Deep Blue Sea”, a Faustian tale of a damned soul swallowed by an apocalyptic leviathan, Hellmouth, and the narrator’s attempt to fight for their life. The album continues with the song “Hellmouth” in which the narrator is now the Anglo-Saxon depicted demon fish itself. Songs about Greek gods and titans with tales of pride and punishment follow, as well as a Mesoamerican sun deity teaching its doomed warrior people to fly, a Roman goddess seeking justice for crimes against women, the tale of the Blackfoot creation god. Title track “When Their Gods Come For You” comes full circle, proclaiming that if one does not stand up for what they believe in, someone else will do the believing and choosing for them.

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The album will come with a download of a mythological book featuring the album lyrics, and artwork from artists who illustrated each god mentioned on the album: David Paul Seymour (“I Rise!”), John Michael Bowley (“Hellmouth”), Daniel Augustus Marschner (“Nemesis, the Inevitable”), Gerardo Quetzatl Garcia (“Quetzatlcoatl”), and cover artist Kyle Otto.

When Their Gods Come For You is released on August 20th and available for pre-order now.

Witchcryer: official | facebook | twitterinstagram | bandcamp

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