Pre-order Nomad Anthem’s new single in support of The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation cancer charity

We do try to get news out about as many charity releases as we can, and as a displaced Geordie this one couldn’t be skipped. Former Band of the Day Nomad Anthem have a new single, “Good Intentions”, out on May 7th and all proceeds from pre-sales and release-day sales will be going to the wonderful Sir Bobby Robson Foundation, which raises money to fund the early detection and treatment of cancer, and clinical trials of anti-cancer drugs. Note that release day is the next Bandcamp Friday so even more of your cash is going to this incredible cause.

The charity does not employ professionals to pro-actively fund-raise and relies completely on third party, volunteers and the incredible generosity of the general public. With this in mind, the guys wanted to do their bit to assist the cause.

The pre-sale link is: This gets you to an 8-track album version which is only £4, though the single will be available on its own as well.

This release sees Nomad Anthem team up with other underground artists, One Million Motors, Tired Of Fighting and Filthy Filthy and we hope you’ll agree that it’s another pop punk banger! This new single is another great example of how the band haven’t let the worldwide pandemic stop them in their tracks and has seen them continuing to go from strength to strength. Like their other material it’s a simple, catchy, bouncy and uplifting number which will stick in your head and wriggle around for a long time to come (yes, we’ve had a sneaky preview!).

The band themselves tell us what the song is about:

Good Intentions is reflecting on a broken relation from the outside looking in. Subject one is an emotional manipulator living in ignorance who has burnt bridges with the majority of those once close to them. Subject two has unconditional love for the other and is prepared to work through the pain barrier to ensure that they don’t derail from their tracks.

Both love one another. Both live their lives with good intentions. But perhaps it’s time to make a change.

Nomad Anthem: facebook | twitter | instagram | spotify | youtube

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