Cosmic death/black metal band Plasmodium reveal new album details

Plasmodium are playing extreme black/death metal with surreal, atmospheric elements that makes this an unforgettable experience. It’s not for everyone I’d say but it sure has its merits and it’s admirable how Plasmodium are trying to push the boundaries where this kind of music goes. Two tracks have been revealed and you can find them on Bandcamp and YouTube. This is for fans of bands like Blood Incantation, Portal, Ulcerate, Mitochondrion, Deathspell Omega, Teitanblood, Revenge, Veilburner, etc.

Australian band Plasmodium shocked listeners with their astounding debut that was an incredible expression of spacey, convoluted black/death metal like no other. For their sophomore album, they’ve harnessed the same ideals and embraced atmospheric elements into their decidedly free-flowing, organic-sounding and tangibly terrifying music to lend to it an otherworldly air – at any given point of time there’s a sense of looming dread and impending cacophony.

This is certainly not meant for the more conventional or easy listening metal fans because the music can reach a crescendo of morbid proportions, but for the fans of the extreme, there is nothing better than a pure cathartic release, one that is visceral and palpable. The atmospheric parts appearing after the mind-numbing rampage feel like a dimension-transcending breakthrough of some kind in an intense and demanding psychedelic trip. No one will emerge unscathed from this experience.

Plasmodium: facebook | bandcamp

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