Change is here – say goodbye to Band of the Day…

You may have caught one of our little videos on Facebook or Instagram recently hinting that we are making a change here at Moshville Times. It’s a big one, but with reasons and we think you (the readers), bands and PRs will appreciate what we’ve come up with and why.

Band of the Day has been running since 2013 in one form or another. It started as the occasional feature that one of us would draft, and turned into the genuinely daily interview-based feature we’ve been running for several years now – barely skipping a day. In fact, I don’t think we have skipped a single day in over two years.

As of yesterday, when the final Band of the Day rolled off the virtual presses, we’d run 1,827 of them (including a handful of “revisited” articles). We’re damn proud of that, and you need not fear – we’re keeping the mission and ethos of BotD going forwards.

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Yesterday’s post for Sidus is a perfect example of why we needed a re-brand. You see, we’re featuring quite a few solo artists and we’ve also heard from a couple of PRs that they’ve not submitted some of their acts due to them not being “bands” and therefore thought they’d not fit. So:

Firstly, we’re renaming the feature to Headline Act from today.

Secondly, and in the interests of transparency, Headline Act is now a paid feature. We need to cover our bases somehow and I’d like to get shot of all those Google Ads that mess up the layout. If we can get a steady stream of bands (and increase our Patreon donations!) then the Google Ads will go. If your band is interested, then it’s £20. We publish the feature, promote it on Facebook (£5 worth – more if you want to pay for that), and add a track to our monthly Spotify and YouTube playlists (themselves also promoted at the end of the month). PR companies, yes we offer bulk deals if that works for you. Contact Us for info.

Thirdly, I need a break. For the last year it’s been almost 100% one person manning the email inbox, posting content and spreading it over social media. We have a great, wonderful, awesome crew of people in the background but 2020 was a bugger for all and sundry. Work, college, family –  everyone had things which quite rightly took priority over the site. If changing BotD into a paid feature results in fewer applications so I maybe have 1-2 days a week where I turn my back on the site and, I dunno, spend some time with my children or something… then I’m fine with that.

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Moshville Times is a major part of my life. The feedback we get from bands when they’re featured in any way continues to blow us away – and I mean this whether it’s someone from Guns n’ Roses retweeting an article, Dee Snider commenting, The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara buying us a beer for posting their latest news, or someone walking up to us at Bloodstock to just say “thank you”. The site isn’t going away. I just need to find ways to make it viable both financially, and in terms of my family life and mental health.

So there you have it. In a “The king is dead, long live the king” kind of way we bid farewell to Band of the Day and warmly welcome the Moshville Times Headline Act!

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February 1, 2021 6:19 PM

[…] change and we have, as of today, ditched Band of the Day. Instead, we welcome Another Now who are quite appropriately named to be our very first Headline […]