Alia Tempora and Symphonity join Rock On Agency

A quick update on two bands that may be new to you, but they’re both worth keeping an eye out for…

Alia Tempora

The Czech band joins the roster of Rock On Agency. Alia Tempora is a modern metal band with a strong influence from pop, dance and dubstep music. The band is characterized by its musical emphasis, a prismatic modern image, catchy music, and a captivating live show thanks to the strong personality of the frontwoman. The band already has a good following of fans both in Central and Western Europe, up to countries in North America and Mexico, and has already been able to perform on the stages of some major festivals. Their sound can be described as a combination of strong metal riffs, dance beats and dubstep grooves. The band is especially appreciated by all those who love melodic metal in a more modern interpretation!


Symphonity, symphonic power metal band originally from the Czech Republic, but currently with the new line up also with elements from Slovakia and Ukraine. After about 10 years of inactivity,the band recomposed itself in 2018, performing several times live and currently with new material in pre-production. Symphonity are back, stronger than before, and promise big surprises and big news.

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