Mercurious (progressive funk-metal) release new single “Revelation”

Blending some of the most talented Australian artists Mercurious had one goal – To write without any creative restriction and that’s what you can expect from their dynamic new single ‘Revelation’ This genre-transfiguring track blends healthy doses of rock and funk vibes with technical yet melodic fretwork, groovy bass and bombastic drumming efforts.

Raouf, Guitarist, explains:

This is a song I’ve always wanted to write. As a massive fan of artists like Michael Jackson, and other 1970s and 1980s icons, I had always dreamed of fusing those influences with prog rock/metal. Out of that desire, Revelation was born. The song’s funky, jazzy, and energising riffage is polarised with Rhys’ passionate lyrical content. The lyrics touch on the growing wealth inequalities that we see globally, and the knock on effects it has on the rest of society’s ability to prosper.

With more new music in the works Mercurious are showing now signs of slowing down in 2021!

Mercurious: facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

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