Foo Fighters release New Year single

Foo Fighters are ringing in 2021—literally—with the ear-ringing new “No Son of Mine”. The second track to be revealed from the band’s forthcoming 10th album Medicine at Midnight (out February 5th on Roswell Records/Columbia Records), “No Son of Mine” is now available to stream or download, or as an instant grat track with pre-orders placed at

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“No Son of Mine” ignites the second half of Medicine at Midnight with a lightning strike of a riff that builds into the album’s most full-on barnstormer. Replete with nods to familiar FF influences from Queen’s “Stone Cold Crazy” to Ace of Spades/Iron Fist-era Motörhead to Metallica’s Kill ‘Em All, “No Son of Mine” features a streamlined, minimalist chassis of searing Grohl, Smear and Shiflett licks atop a steel-trap-tight Hawkins/Mendel rhythmic frame.

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Grohl explains:

This is the kind of song that just resides in all of us and if it makes sense at the time, we let it out. Lyrically it’s meant to poke at the hypocrisy of self righteous leaders, people that are guilty of committing the crimes they’re supposedly against…

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