Blackened death metallers Saille announce new album – “V”

Saille’s fifth album V will be out April 9 2021 CD/Digital via Black Lion Records

Playing Black Metal/Blackened Death Metal, Saille built a firm reputation for their impressive live performances on festivals all over Europe in the past years. Saille is a five-piece, with members residing in The Netherlands, Spain and Belgium.

The fifth full-length album of Saille , entitled V, is another landmark in the band’s existence. After a rough period of time, Saille felt the need for a dramatic makeover, seeking a deeper darkness, both live and in the studio. Visually and sound wise Saille improved immense and a new frontman from the Netherlands was announced. Jesse Peetoom is two metres of charisma, musical talent and vocal power.

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Artwork was drawn by French artist Vincent Fouquet of Above Chaos. (Inquisition/Tsjuder/Kataklysm).

Lyrically Saille deals with “The fearful, the uncanny and the weird”, therefore the album contains 8 creepy tales, sarcastic stories with somewhat funny twists. It will make the listener quiver and shiver, with a grin on the face.

Saille: official | facebook | twitterinstagram

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