2021 Transcending Obscurity Records label sampler and merch have been unveiled

Transcending Obscurity Records are absolutely thrilled to announce this year’s label sampler which they feel is the best one so far. All of the songs are brand new and have never been on any previous samplers. This a reflection of their current roster (even though there are many that haven’t been able to contribute a new song for this) and what’s coming your way in the foreseeable future.

The massive 38-song sample is free-for-download and can be found on Bandcamp. A plethora of unique blue-coloured merch has been announced with not one but two artworks made by none other than Mark Riddick, and you can view those mockups below. They’re available for sale from Bandcamp and Transcending Obscurity’s main store exclusively.

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As far as the sampler goes, like last time, they’ve segregated the songs genre-wise as you can see below:

  • Tracks 1-22 – death metal/grind/crust
  • Tracks 23-26 – technical/brutal death metal
  • Tracks 27-33 – black metal
  • Tracks 34-38 – doom/sludge metal

Transcending Obscurity Records: official | facebook | bandcamp (main) | bandcamp (India/Asia) | youtube


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