My Ruin release “The Cathartic Collection” as pay-what-you-want

Tairrie B and Mick Murphy and one of those rare showbiz couples – one that actually gets on! As well as being a “proper” couple, they work together and one of their best known projects is/was My Ruin which semi-folded some time ago. However… (cue press release):

From the moment we met it was magick. We were drawn to each other the same way we were drawn to the music we have created together over the last two decades. For some our music has been hellfire, for others holy water but for us, it has always been cathartic and something we consider sacrosanct.

Our religion is relationships, and this collection of songs represents My Ruin at our most intense. Our most incensed. A vital and volatile, collaborative, heartfelt mix of screaming with spoken word. Fiery passion and furious anger accompanied by huge solos, thick riffs and Southern fried swagger. The master of heaviosity and his patron saint of blasphemy.

The way it was meant to be.

On Christmas Eve 2008 we were married but we began making music together in 2000. To commemorate our 20th anniversary and celebrate the music we have made in My Ruin, we wanted to release something timeless, in loving memory for those who have followed us on our musical journey since the beginning and for those who may discover us at a later date.

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Over the years we have been told how much our music has meant to so many and this has always meant so much to us. As an underground band, we have no mainstream, radio friendly greatest hits but we have made music that connects, resonates and offers solace with its catharsis to those who need it. Including us.

The Cathartic Collection is a set of 36 songs which we have remastered and thoughtfully curated into 3 chapters from our extensive discography spanning our 9-album history in My Ruin. Each 12-song chapter represents 3 albums and is introduced by its own spoken word interlude. Our magnum opus begins with a new and a final song which we recorded at our home studio in Knoxville, Tennessee during the pandemic in 2020. “Sacrosanctity” is a poetically passionate, raw throated and relentless 6-minute metallic lament meant to represent our band, past to present.

Although we love each other, it is no secret that we fell out of love with the music industry long ago. From the Devils at record labels to the duplicitous managers, promoters and a few band members who have left us cold & disenchanted along the way. Many of whom invoked the emotions and inspired the songs in this collection of immaculate confessions as well as our need to do it ourselves.

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Our way.

While we have made the decision to put My Ruin on a permanent hiatus from touring, we will continue to remain true to ourselves and our music. This includes our side projects and solo recordings which are simply extensions of who we are as artists. Looking back at photos & videos, throughout the highs and lows of being on the road and playing shows over the last 2 decades, there have been many memorable moments together on and off stage with friends & fans of our band all over the world and for that, we are forever grateful.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

As 2020 comes to an end and you journey back with us amid this nostalgic walk through our rock love and listen, we hope you enjoy this free / digital only download and gift to you. Something sacred to scream to. If you choose to donate, we thank you.

May these songs invoke memories of your own and inspire you to speak your truth, trust your heart and never be afraid to turn your trauma into art.

Header image by Kayla Wren Photography

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