Support charities on Bandcamp Friday!

Four themed metal albums have surfaced and just in time for Bandcamp Friday where the distribution platform waives its percentage and lets the bands take all the monies from purchases. In this case, the benefits will filter down to good causes so it’s an even better reason for splashing your cash this evening!

All four compilations are available from the HungerCompUK bandcamp page, and will raise money for UK food banks (via Trussell Trust as well as PAFRAS and Food Hall Sheffield). There’s Eat the RichLet Them Eat RiffsThe Deathfeast and The Last Supper. You can check the link for specifics, but to give you a flavour:

Eat The Rich: 39 tracks of thrash, grind and punk including Raised By Owls, Psython, The Atrocity Exhibit and Sloth Hammer

Let Them Eat Riffs: 29 tracks of “the heaviest and / or grooviest” UK bands including Conan, Bast, Mastiff and HYOM

The Deathfeast: 27 tracks from death metal acts including Party Cannon, Scordatura, Basement Torture Killings and Foetal Juice

The Last Supper: 30 tracks of mainly black metal including Hecate Enthroned, Avulsion Rupture, Underdark and Christgrinder

In addition, every £2.50 you spend on each compilation gets you a raffle ticket which could win you some goodies this Sunday. So get in quick!


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