Pentagram drummer Minnesota Pete Campbell to release solo debut

Minnesota Pete Campbell has been a warrior in the underground music scene for almost 25 years. Playing, recording, and touring with bands like Doom metal legends Pentagram, Sixty Watt Shaman, The Mighty Nimbus, Place of Skulls, Gygax, Victor Griffin’s In-Graved, Bràthair, Buzzard, Vulgarri, Demonicus, Fireface, and many more.

2020 has been a tough and chaotic year for everyone in the world. The pandemic has shut down almost everything with the music industry being hit the hardest with venues being closed, tours being canceled, and even some band just stopping all together. Some artists are finding creative ways to stay productive by releasing music and even live-streaming concerts. Pete is one of those artists!

He says:

Being locked down sucks! Ya can’t even jam with your buddies or go to the local pub to watch some live music. With all my shows and tours being canceled I was literally going nuts without music! So with the encouragement from my wife I built a studio at home and started working.

The songs just started to come outta me. This album is definitely a labour of love with me writing, performing, recording, and mixing it all by myself. There’s a song for everyone on this album!

Me, Myself, and I is an album ya put on and let it play! I’m extremely proud of it and extremely proud to have signed and be working with the team at Kozmik Artifactz again!

Me, Myself, and I is definitely the highlight of my career and we have no doubt it’ll be a highlight of 2021! Thank you to all people who supported and believed in me over the past 20 plus years! This is for you!!!!!!”

Out Spring 2021 on Kozmik Artifactz Records.

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