Imha Tarikat release second single “Klimax Downpour”

Imha Tarika unleash “Klimax Downpour”, the second track taken from their forthcoming sophomore full-length Sternenberster, which has been slated for release on December 11th. Pre-orders are available now.

Kerem Yilmaz aka Ruhsuz Cellât comments:

The track “Klimax Downpour” metaphorically signifies the violent collision with reality that follows a fall from intoxicating heights. Once one has tasted the electrifying ecstasy beyond limits, it becomes a great challenge to come back to terms with oneself again. Nothing else remains but a craving to pursue even more extreme ways of pleasure to satisfy the hunger for such intense sensations. As everything ordinary loses its thrill, all that seems left is to indulge in mounting extremes until the rot sets in.

Parallel to the release of Sternenberster on December 11th, Lupus Lounge will also make Imha Tarikat’s early works available again under the combined title Kara Ihlas / Kenoboros – Initiation of Passion Bursting.

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Imha Tarikat: facebook | bandcamp

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