Pitchshifter announce 2021 tour, release single with a gazillion guests!

Big News! 2021 tour dates and a 2020 song collaboration with members of Clawfinger, Static X, Misery Loves Company, Frank Turner, Bullet For My Valentine, Skindred, Fear Factory, Hacktivist, Stamping Ground, Earthtone 9, Romeo Must Die, Sikth, Raging Speedhorn and Seething Akira! Wait, WHAT!?

The “Everything Is Fucked (EFKD) 2020” single is out now to stream or to purchase. Tickets for the Pitchshifter Nov-Dec 2021 UK tour are also now on sale.

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Says vocalist JS Clayden:

I thought that everything was as messed up as it was going to get in the year 2000 when we originally released the ‘Everything’s F**ked’ single; but we’re two decades down the road and the lyrics are still applicable. We’re living in a slow-motion apocalypse. What better way to finally jockey clown ship earth off the bluffs than a re-issue of a 20-year-old tune lamenting the madness with a bunch of like-minded deviant provocateurs, and some UK dates?

The single: “EFKD 2020” features Zak Tell of Clawfinger, Tony Campos of Static-X, Patrik Wiren of Misery Loves Co., Frank Turner, Jason Bowld of Bullet for My Valentine, Arya Goggin of Skindred, Burton C Bell of Fear Factory, Jot Maxi of Hacktivist, Adam Frakes-Sime of @ Stampin’ Ground, Karl Middleton of Earthtone9, Paul Fletcher of Romeo Must Die, Mikee Goodman of SikTh, Dan Cook and Frank Regan of Raging Speedhorn and Kit Conrad & Charlie Bowes of Seething Akira.

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The 2021 UK Tour Dates (more supports announced soon!):

  • Mon 29 Nov 2021: Pitchshifter & Special Guests at KK’s Steel Mill
  • Tue 30 Nov 2021: Pitchshifter & Special Guests at Manchester Academy
  • Wed 01 Dec 2021: Pitchshifter/Raging Speedhorn/Special Guests at SWX
  • Thu 02 Dec 2021: Pitchshifter & Special Guests at Highbury Garage (Night 1)
  • Fri 03 Dec 2021: Pitchshifter/Hangman Hill/Special Guest at Highbury Garage
  • Sat 04 Dec 2021: Pitchshifter/Raging Speedhorn/Special Guests at Rock City
  • Sun 05 Dec 2021: Pitchshifter Apocalypse Brunch

Header image by Nigel Crane

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