Clutch announce summer festival playlists, starting with Ramblin’ Man Fair

As festivals and tours around the world are now either cancelled or postponed due to the global Covid 19 pandemic, the band members of Clutch have decided to turn their 2020 Summer festival dates into a virtual event.

Clutch has reached out to all promoters of their originally scheduled European festival dates and proposed to release playlists on their Spotify channel of the sets they were set to perform on the respective days.

Newcomers to Clutch may not be aware that over the course of their 25+ year career, the band have always changed the set list of their live shows from one event to another. No performances are ever identical; set lists change nightly. Members of Clutch use an alphabetical, rotating system to determine the set list for each show. Neil Fallon creates the set list for the first show of each tour, followed by Jean-Paul Gaster, Dan Maines, and Tim Sult, then repeat, keeping the shows fresh for both the audience and the artist! The creation of these new Spotify playlists will rotate between the band members like normal, taking into account the intended allotted playing time at each festival date.

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The first such playlist has been created for the UK’s Ramblin’ Man Fair, originally due to take place this weekend, and starting today. Confirmed to perform on all three consecutive days at the festival, on different stages, and with a different themed setlist each day, Clutch have already rolled over their plans to Ramblin’ Man’s 2021 event and look forward to performing in person there next summer. The set this Saturday afternoon was intended to be “An Afternoon At The Doom Saloon”, consisting of acoustic and semi-acoustic songs. The almost 55-minute Spotify playlist will give fans an idea of what that might sound like and it can be accessed now at this link.

Other confirmed playlists will be released on these dates with more to follow:

  • Pol’And’Rock, Poland – July 20th
  • Metal Days, Slovenia – July 28th
  • Tsunami Festival, Spain – August 1st
  • Into The Grave, The Netherlands – August 7th
  • Sziget Festival, Hungary – August 11th
  • Poolbar, Austria – August 13th

Fans will be notified of each playlist via Clutch’s social media platforms and those of the related festival.

Clutch’s Jean-Paul Gaster comments:

The opportunity to perform at summertime festivals in Europe is very special to us. The shows we play and the bands we get to see are experiences we look forward to every year. We can’t wait to return to Europe and be a part of these legendary festivals in 2021! Until then, we hope Clutch fans from around the world will enjoy these festival playlists. Take care and see y’all soon!

Header image by Dan Winters

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