Ramage Inc ready release of massive collaboration charity single

In a response to the challenges facing humanity and the increasing feeling of isolation throughout the planet, Ramage Inc, their fans and over 30 musicians from around the world have united to bring us their latest release “A Quiet Earth”.

The single is scheduled for release on June 26th via BandCamp and all proceeds, on a “donate what you want” basis will go to the charity Doctors Without Borders.

Ramage Inc, known for their ambitious and grand scale productions, have cited this as their biggest and most challenging project to date, bringing musicians, all in lockdown, together on this one recording. Not only that, the band took to social media to invite their fans to get involved and writing the lyrics.

The Band says:

Quiet Earth explores a distillation and the emotional impact of the isolation experienced by the world in lockdown. We wanted to bring a collective of talent together who are currently experiencing their own version of isolation, as well as the direct connection and input from the fans, who have been incredible themselves in this project too.

As well as a collaboration of over 30 musicians the idea expanded beyond the traditions that we would expect to see, and in addition to the Guitar and Drums we saw an exciting array including Cuatro, Oil Drums, Timpani and a Lyre.

Music by:
Bryan Ramage, Ramage Inc

Lyrics by:
Bryan Ramage, Howard Toshman, Jess Taylor, Neil McLaughlin, Jason Rebel, Darren Callaghan, Anne MacGregor, Callum Stevenson, Jackie Frank Russel, Tobias Schmuecking, Michael Martin, James McBay, Simon Patchett, Fraser Macintosh, Al Douglas

Performed by:
Abraham Sarache, Adam Peeroo (Kvilla), Al Douglas (Storm of Embers), Alan Ross Van Downie (DoNpHoBiA), Anabelle Iratni (Devilment), Bea García García (Silentvice), Bob Anderson, Bryan Ramage (Ramage Inc), Callum Stevenson, Colin MacGregor (Catalysis), Darren Callaghan, Jim Shemilt (RumRunners), Jason Rebel, Jay Stewart (41Divinators), Jim Marten (Hedra), Laura Gilchrist (King Witch), Mateusz Głuszniewski (Guchy Music), Marcin Buczek (Ramage Inc), Marcin Durmaj (Ashborn), Romain Jeuniaux (Omnerod), Stuart McLeod (Storm of Embers), Tom De Wit (Dreamwalkers Inc) and David Stott (Ward XVI).

Video edited by:
Marcin Buczek, Ramage Inc

Ramage Inc: official | facebook | twitter | youtube | bandcamp

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