Help write a charity rock song with Ramage Inc!

Here’s a novel idea for the lockdown period… Lend your lyric-writing abilities to those of Ramage Inc who will wrap them in fan-submitted music and release the final song to raise money for a charity chosen by you!

Everything will be coordinated via their facebook page (specifically this post) where you’re being asked to submit your lyrics into the big melting pot. The band will pluck the nicest ones out, clag them together with magic and produce what will, at that stage, essentially be a crowd-sourced poem.

The next ingredient will be the music and – yes – they’ll be looking for your input there as well! Drums, bass, guitar… well obviously. Kazoo? Hell, why not? Brass ensemble? Chuck them something to work with!

The band will then record, mix, master and whatever else it is that’s done in a music studio. Finally, they’ll make a video (details forthcoming) and post the song on Bandcamp from where you can grab a copy with money going to the voted-for good cause.

We think this is a great idea. Get the word out, get those creative juices flowing and let’s see what we can come up with!

Ramage Inc: official | facebook | twitter | youtube | bandcamp

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