Conception host online “pre-listening” party for new album (today only!)

The first reviews are in and since they are mostly enthusiastic – some even celebrating prog metal legend Conception’s State of Deception as the “comeback of the year” – tension increases for the fans as we get closer to the date many of them have anticipated for so long now. Good news is: It’s only one more day until the Norwegians release their first full length offering in over two decades. State of Deception is available for pre-order (and later order!) here now. Or grab it on Amazon and help support this site!

While this is a reason to celebrate, there were of course some highlights the band had planned around this special day that are just not possible anymore in the current situation, like the various fan events that had to be postponed or even canceled. For a band like Conception, with a strong connection to their fans, it’s always particularly hard to lose possibilities to spend personal time with them. That’s why the band came up with a few other ideas to stay in contact during this time, talk with everyone on the special day tomorrow, get direct feedback for the new album from some of their most important critics and hopefully bring “a little Conception positivity” to everyone over the coming days, as the band states on Facebook.

It all starts with a ‘pre-listening party’ available to fans from today, April 2nd, (this link expires at midnight, European time), allowing them to listen to the album before it’s officially out, and continues with an “Ask Me Anything” Q&A Facebook livestream with guitarist Tore Østby on Friday morning, 11:30am (European time). Fans can already come up with questions for that under the band’s respective Facebook post.

Conception: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube | spotify

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