Album News: Obscene / Fulci / Snatch Back / Almost Honest / Final Coil

A quick update on some albums we heard about over the weekend…


After impressing with their 2018 demo, Sermon to the Snake, Obscene make their LP debut with a renewed sense of ruthless aggression in The Inhabitable Dark. They entered Earth Analog Studios in Tolono, IL in summer of 2018 to lay down 8 tracks of death metal fury.

Not adhering to any sort of ‘caveman’ or ‘cavernous’ trend in the current climate, this album harkens back to the early Florida and Dutch death metal scene as well as nods to U.K., Scandinavia, New York, touches of vicious thrash and riff oriented traditional heavy metal to go along with an unhinged acidic vocal style.

The album was due to come out very soon, but has been pushed back to June 12th.


Fast-rising Italian death metal force Fulci will reissue their acclaimed sophomore album, Tropical Sun, in two new vinyl versions via Time To Kill Records. Pre-orders of the ‘Bone’ edition (limited to 200 copies) and ‘Burst’ edition (100 copies) are now available.

Recently Fulci premiered the new single “Death by Metal”, featuring famous Italian rapper Metal Carter.

“Tropical Sun”, the band’s latest studio album, is a concept album based on the cult movie Zombi 2 (1979), one of the masterpieces of legendary director Lucio Fulci. The film tells the story of a Caribbean island cursed by voodoo, whose dead residents rise as zombies to attack the living.

Snatch Back

British heavy metal band Snatch Back have released their debut album Ride Hard Run Free. The album was mixed/mastered by Bart Gabriel & Rafal Kossakowski at Sound Art Agencja Artystyczna Studios in Trezbinia, Poland.

Snatch Back was formed in 1974 in St. Helens, England by John Cowley (vocals), Ste Byatt (guitar), Ian Wood (bass) and Ste Platt (drums). The band released their single “Eastern Lady /Cryin’ to the Night” in 1979, but split up in 1983. In 2016 they reunited to release their EP Back in the Game and have played several large events, including Mearfests North & South.

Almost Honest

Almost Honest will release their 2019 release Seiches And Sirens in a very special anniversary edition cassette for the die hard collector, limited to just 25 units. So turn in your beer cans and flip over the couch cushions because this very limited edition was made available for pre-order on April 3rd.

Release is April 17th so get those orders in quickly!

Final Coil

On May 1st Final Coil, in conjunction with their label Wormholedeath, will release the Convicted Of The Right EP. To celebrate the announcement, the band have unleashed an astonishing official video for the track!

“Convicted Of The Right” is one of the most powerful tracks from 2019’s acclaimed concept album, The World We Left Behind For Others, and the band have filmed a stunning promo video to accompany its release. The video brings to life in harrowing fashion the song’s commentary on the conditioning and indoctrination of young men fed into the military machine. Final Coil front man Phil Stiles spoke to us about the song:

In the song, which opens to the sound of gunfire, we witness my Grandfather, mired in alcoholism, looking back upon his training. As his past merges with his present, he remains resolutely convicted that what he did was right; that the ends justified the means – and, from a certain perspective he was… but then there are men (and women) all around the world who use the same justification for their state-sanctioned actions… They can’t all be right, can they?

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