Seeking Patr(e)ons…

In a bid to improve the amount and quality of our coverage, we’ve started a Patreon page. If you find our site a good read, then please sign up and help us get the word out about all the acts we cover. Tiers start from only one pound a month, and we’ll be using the money to help with:

  • facebook fees
  • buying new kit
  • buying new software
  • site hosting fees
  • online service fees (hootsuite, etc.)
  • beer (oh come on, we deserve it)

One of our biggest issues is post spread. Facebook is frustratingly necessary these days and yet, despite having over 13k followers, only a fraction see our posts unless we pay for it courtesy of the damn algorithms. We’ve always said that our main focus first and foremost is in helping promote the smaller acts, and helping ensure more people see our Band of the Day posts, for example, is a huge step in this direction.

In addition, we’d love to get some nicer kit to do more with our interviews. Audio recorders (good ones), microphones and decent light rigs are not cheap. Neither is the software to edit things together properly. Sure we’re managing fine at the moment, but we think the bands we cover deserve better than “fine”!

So please – pop over to our Patreon page and sign up. We’d also love some more suggestions of what else we could throw into the tiers to make them more tempting!

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