2020 will be singing notes of AC/DC new album on the Australian tour in fall

Music is and has always been a great part of our lives. With time passing, there are certain changes in music genres and there are some changes in the music taste as well. While throughout the whole period we can name several bands and musicians who are still popular and their music is not challenged by ages, AC/DC is definitely one of them.

AC/DC is a legendary band, who has raised several generations with their music. Almost five decades have passed since the formation of the band, and the popularity has never dropped off. You can find hoodies and T-shirts with the band’s photos and logos. Almost every person has at least one song in their album and has at least once sung the Highway to Hell song in the car.

The fans are eager to play AC/DC themed games, with all of the band members present in the game. Some of the best casino slot machines offer players slot games titled after the most popular and beloved hits of the band.

AC/DC is an Australian rock band that was formed in Sydney back in 1973. Their music is one of the types that does not know ages and gender. The music can be described as very various. Hard rock, blues rock, heavy metal. Everything that you might be looking for can be found in the albums of the legendary band.

While almost everyone has at least one AC/DC song in their playlists, this is the band that has never gone out of style. Despite that the band has had several pauses during the career, their music and songs were never put on hold and have always been playing loud in headphones or different events.

In 2016 the band released its album, Rock or Bust. Angus Young, who is the only original remaining member of the band commented that he was not sure if the band would continue the cooperation and releasing new albums after Rock or Bust. The tour was scheduled for that year, though Malcolm Young was not able to participate due to some health issues. He passed away one year later. Malcolm was a huge loss for the whole band as he was the one to battle through during times of crisis.

In 2018 rumor spread that the band might have the new album released and new tour scheduled for the following year. It was not confirmed until 2019.  The new album is already on the way and will be released to the public in February or March of 2020. The tour is yet to be confirmed, though the band has been talking about touring in Australia for the fall season.

The album was recorded in Warehouse Studio in Vancouver. The studio has been luckily tested for the band, as previously recorded albums in the same studio brought Diamond Award for 25x Platinum status for the AC/DC’s 1980 album Back in Black, which reached 25 million sales. This album is also the fourth biggest-selling album of all time.

The AC/DC band is the legendary band and the combination of that four-letters will always be the watermark for the hard rock music industry. They have made a huge statement in the music industry and have left the footprint on almost every person who has at least once listened to any of their songs.

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