RIP Neil Peart (Rush) 1952 – 2020

Neil Peart

Ten days into the first month of the new year and the sad news reaches us of the untimely death of a drummer who is rightly regarded as legendary. The youngest one every to be inducted into the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame, and the primary lyricist of prog rock behemoths Rush, Peart was regarded as one of the most technically adept skin-bashers in the world.

He was diagnosed with brain cancer three years ago, and finally succumbed on January 7th. The news of his passing was released via a spokesperson through Rolling Stone magazine.

He has been with Rush since 1974, rattling off an incredible number of songs, albums and live dates. As is usual with our obituaries, we extend our thoughts to his family, friends and colleagues and sign off with a celebration of a piece of music for which he shall always be remembered. I’m sure he’ll be keeping rhythm in one of the best bands in the afterworld by now.

Header image by Enrico Frangi

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