Final live footage of Slayer – the end of a blood-soaked era

Obviously it didn’t take long for fan footage of Slayer’s final ever gig to hit the interwebs. Quality isn’t what’s important, but the event certainly is. In an era where many of the rock and metal greats are calling it a day – some more genuine than others and, yes, Motley Crue I’m looking at you – this was both a sad and a momentous occasion.

The video below shows what could well be the last live performance of “Angel of Death” followed by the band saying their farewells to their home crowd. Tom throws in a cheeky “We have one more… picture!” to tease the audience as Slayer milked ten minutes or so of cheering and adulation – all hugely deserved. Four metal giants hug each other and their hard working crew at the end of a colossal tour and career.

If there’s a defining moment, though, it’s Kerry King holding his trademark chains up in one arm… and letting them drop to the stage before he walks off and leaves them there. Right at the end, watch for the crew member picking them up while another mimes that he should throw them into the audience!

Tom’s final words are as typical of himself and the band as always, though, and completely at odds with Slayer’s violent musical image:

Time is precious, so thank you for sharing that time with us. I’m gonna miss you guys. But the most important thing is that I want to thank you for being a part of my life. Thank you. Good night – you guys be safe!

Hearing the crack in his voice during his brief speech really brings home how important the fans are to Slayer. And hearing the cries of “Thank you, Slayer”, “Thank you, Tom” and “We love you Tom” are completely at odds with the image that us metal fans may have worldwide. Slayer have been in icon for a generation and this was a hell of a swansong. Best of luck to Tom and the rest of the band and we are looking forward to seeing what other “Slayer-related” projects come our way.

For more on what our editor-in-chief has to say about Slayer, see this earlier editorial.

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