Why Do So Many Rock Icons Have Their Own Casino Games?

Rock stars like Ozzy Osbourne and Axl Rose are famous for having sold millions of records all over the world. So why is it that so many of our most cherished rock icons are branching out to have their likenesses featured in online casino games?

In the past decade, we have seen legendary bands like KISS, Motorhead, and Guns N’Roses, as well as rock icons like Jimi Hendrix and Ozzy Osbourne, take on their own franchised slot games. So are the physical sales of music actually that bad, or are our favourite rock stars just getting savvier in turning their musical output into a global brand?

What Rock Star Casino Games Are There?

While Motorhead may have sung about poker in their classic song Ace of Spades, it seems as though they have followed the route of other rock bands in licensing their own slot game.

We can see this in the Guns N’ Roses slot that was created by the casino game developer NetEnt. Here you get the chance to play a five-reel slot and rock on with the classic GnR sound – don’t worry as no Chinese Democracy tracks are featured. If you are looking to try this game first-hand, there are many sources out there, but Betway is very reliable when it comes to providing fair and high-quality casino games like the Guns N’Roses slot.

Similar slot games have also gotten released, such as the Jimi Hendrix slot that features more than a whiff of purple haze psychedelia. Also, there is the Ozzy Osbourne slot machine that has enough eyeliner and fiery motifs to see you through to the next festival season. Plus with everyone from thrash metal titans Megadeth to glam-rock giants KISS having their own slot game, it seems that there’s no shortage of rock-themed casino games. And we can clearly state that these games are not the ones you’ll want to mute.

An Easy Way To Diversify Revenues

Ozzy Osbourne may have had a hand in numerous classic rock albums, but even the most loyal metal disciple may have trouble remembering his last album. For Guns N’ Roses who spent millions in making an album that barely anybody bought, it’s clear that additional revenues are always welcome. Plus, the fact that bands like KISS are now in their seventies means that touring is not quite the same attractive prospect that it used to be.

As a result, we can expect to see many more unusual crossovers like casino games from these rock icons. Not only do they not require the music stars to do much apart from sign a contract that grants their licensing, but they represent a never-stream of income to keep them rocking in their old age.

Just A Cheap Cash-in?

Rock bands like KISS are notorious for asking their groups to buy no end of shoddy merchandise. The glam rockers even once tried to flog a KISS-themed coffin to their black-clad hordes. But the wave of rock-themed slots is undoubtedly taking things to the next level.

While it’s easy to be cynical about these games, they do tie in pretty nicely to the bad-boy personas that many of these bands try and cultivate. While it’s kind of hard to picture an Ed Sheeran slot game, it makes perfect sense to see Lemmy down in hell spinning the reels on the Motorhead slot.

So in an age where some metal bands are trying to get all cuddly by offering us some pretty awful Christmas sweaters, it’s nice to find that some rock stars are still trying to keep it real by providing us all of the casino excitement.

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