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Album News: Total Annihilation / Betraying The Martyrs / Madzilla / Verheerer

A few bits and bobs about upcoming shiny discs and downloads.

Total Annihilation

I just had to feature this band as they’ve released the artwork for their new album and it’s simply incredible! …On Chains Of Doom is out on February 7th 2020 on CD, LP and as digital download and stream through Czar Of Crickets Productions. The tracklist is as follows, as is the song “Black Blood” from the album.

  1. Falling Fast
  2. Reborn In Flesh
  3. Iron Coffin
  4. Dead Souls
  5. …On Chains Of Doom
  6. Experience The Terror
  7. Tunnelratten
  8. Black Blood

Betraying The Martyrs

Betraying The Martyrs have released new single “Down”, taken from their upcoming album Rapture, out on 13th September via Sumerian Records. Pre-orders are available now, as are merch bundles.

“Down” is dedicated to the many fans who supported the band following the loss of all their equipment and personal possessions, which were destroyed in a van trailer fire whilst on tour in the US. The fire also resulted in the cancellation of the remaining tour dates.

The band will soon embark on their European Parasite Tour, with UK dates to be announced soon.

Aaron comments on Rapture:

Rapture for us is a product of each one of our experiences up until this moment; each moment lived on the road, every drop of inspiration picked up along the way. Written musically in the only way we know how, we took each one of our musical tastes and formed it into the ultimate album for ourselves, hoping that it will translate and fall onto the ears of the listeners the same way it falls onto ours. Rapture is a musical journey through each one of our minds, lyrics that come from both the darkest and lightest corners of our souls. We put everything into this one, leaving behind any preconceptions, and what came out the other side is something that we’re all so proud of, and we hope that the listener will feel it within themselves also.


American melodic thrash metal band Madzilla have released their debut EP Vengeance. The EP was recorded in La Casa Nosstra Studios by Jero Cilveti and Adrián Khalifé, and mixed/mastered by Jero Cilveti.

Madzilla was formed in Quito, Ecuador in 2016 by David Cabezas (vocals/guitar). In 2017 after moving to Las Vegas, USA David met Daniel Gortaire (bass), David Oliver (guitar) and Robert Wiggin (drums) joined the band and the lineup was completed.

Check out the album on Spotify and Apple Music.


Not even 2 years after releasing their highly acclaimed debut Maltrér, Northern Germany-based, black metal unit Verheerer gathered their forces again to bring their sophomore album Monolith upon this world: A timeless dark piece of cold and hostile extreme metal; seven songs between black and death metal, seasoned with some heavy metal that will take you on a journey from the rotten roots in the heart of man to the cold, merciless dawn of extinction. Monolith will be seeing the light of day on October 4th 2019 with Vendetta Records. Today Verheerer are not only sharing their upcoming album artwork and tracklist with us, but have also just premiered a first song! Dive into the darkest sounds of extreme metal and stream Verheerer’s album title track below!

Says the band:

As we started working on Monolith, the central idea was to create an album being Verheerer stripped to its purest core, without any superfluous elements. The title track “Monolith” is perfectly matching that train of thought, while the title itself and our image of a monolith fit 100% to this scheme: a brutal, intimidating, humiliating piece of stone – raw, hostile and beautiful at the same time. Ironically, we reached the core of Verheerer by involving our three new musicians LKS, KRZ and MYR directly into the songwriting process.

  1. Intro
  2. Monolith
  3. He Who Sowed The Poisoned Seeds
  4. The Fatalist
  5. The Eskapist
  6. He Shall Reap A Thousandfold
  7. Serpent Grave
  8. Theios Aner & Irrisio

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