Album News: Blood Incantation / Mammoth Mammoth / Urn / Lord Mantis

A heads up about some upcoming releases…

Blood Incantation

Cosmic death metal band Blood Incantation have joined forces with Century Media Records to release the band’s much anticipated second studio album, Hidden History of the Human Race, outside of North America, Mexico and Canada. Dark Descent Records will be handling the American release and the album will be available worldwide on November 22nd, 2019.

Featuring classic 1970s artwork by Sci-Fi god Bruce Pennington, Hidden History of the Human Race promises to be both a meditative inquiry on the mystery and nature of human consciousness, and a dynamic foray into the realms of progressive, brutal & atmospheric death metal, as revealed by Blood Incantation.

Recorded completely analogue at World Famous Studios in Denver, CO, Hidden History of the Human Race expands the sonic cosmos explored on Blood Incantation’s critically acclaimed debut Starspawn and contains the following new tracks:


  1. Slave Species of the Gods
  2. The Giza Power Plant
  3. Inner Paths (to Outer Space)
  4. Awakening From the Dream of Existence to the Multidimensional Nature of Our Reality (Mirror of the Soul)

Mammoth Mammoth

Australia’s high voltage outfit, Mammoth Mammoth, are proud to announce their, highly anticipated 5th studio album titled, Kreuzung, which is set for a release on November 8th with leading rock and metal label Napalm Records.

Recorded and produced by Richard Behrens in the winter of 2018/19 at Big Snuff Studio, Berlin, it is the first album with the new line-up consisting of original members, Mikey Tucker (vocalist) and Frank Trobbiani (drums) and introducing new members, Marco Gennaro (guitarist) and Kris Fiore (bass). The Rock`n`Roll juggernaut seized the opportunity to refine their hard-rock formula since the release of Mount The Mountain two years ago. The result is an electrifying sledgehammer that cements their name Mammoth Mammoth. Kreuzung’s (German for crossroads) hypnotic title track could crush a beer can with it’s sheer soundwave force, try it out and watch their brand new video for the album title track below.


The black steel worshipers of Urn are now premiering their new offer Iron Will Of Power in full. The album will hit the worldwide stores tomorrow, September 20th. Check out the stream on Season of Mist’s YouTube channel.

Urn comment on the album:

So here we are after intense work, thousands of kilometers travelling, sleepless nights and challenging ourselves as a band and as musicians. We have given all we could deliver in the conditions we had. Let it roar and hunt you while listening to forgotten Finnish mystery of heretic metal. Fuck the trends, we straighten the bends.


  1. Downfall of Idols (4:51)
  2. Malignant Strange Vision (3:41)
  3. Funeral Oath (5:15)
  4. Prayers (4:35)
  5. Gates to Hyboria (1:57)
  6. Demonlord (4:37)
  7. Spears of Light (4:51)
  8. Hunted (4:13)
  9. Will to Triumph (6:50)

Lord Mantis

The sadistic musical beast known as Lord Mantis discloses the details of their impending fourth full-length, Universal Death Church. The album has been finalized for November release through Profound Lore Records, who this week unveils the record’s cover art and other details, including preorders for the album, and the advance single, “Damocles Falls”.

Universal Death Church sees Lord Mantis with a new sense of purpose and focus. More developed and immeasurable, vast and towering, Universal Death Church continues the doomed and blackened depraved metal paradigm that has become the signature resonating palpitation surrounding the Lord Mantis sound. The threading between punishing, torturous yet direct and at times tangible industrial-influenced riffing with the more abstract, dark, blackened, surreal-like crawling and swift passages paint a new disturbing sonic portrait for the band. The renewed union of Lord Mantis became akin to that of repairing tissue of an unnamable and vile organism. Leveling up the beast.

Produced by Sanford Parker, who also provides synth work to the album, Universal Death Church also features Dylan O’Toole on three tracks, as well as guest appearances by Dallas Thomas of Pelican and Bruce Lamont of Yakuza and completed with artwork and design by VENIEN.

Preorders are now live at the label webshop and Bandcamp.

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